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Enroyd Roadmap

Data Quality Improvements


Progress 90%
  • Harmonizing list of altcoins throughout main tables
  • Missing charts addition
  • Bug fixes

Delisting of altcoins


Progress 100%
  • Due to inactivity in further project development, cryptocurrencies listed below will be deleted from enroyd databases.

Listing new cryptocurrencies


Progress 90%
  • From 47 candidates we have chosen 30 altcoins to be tested and listed on enroyd
  • If all tests are positive, listing procedure will begin
Progress 90%

Enroyd 2.0


Progress 10%
  • Completely new interface design
  • Hundreds of new analysis
  • New chart types
  • Enroyd Wiki expansion
  • Community tool for sharing new ideas on enroyd
  • New contact and request forms

Enroyd Forex


Progress 0%
  • Forex analysis

Enroyd Stocks


Progress 0%
  • Stock analysis



Progress 0%
  • Cross-market analysis

Enroyd is all about constant improvement, therefore please make sure you check our roadmap on daily basis. All new updates will be shared and explained in the roadmap. Our mission is to make enroyd the best open source software for traditional and new trading strategies.

We are data scientists!

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